A New Wave of Role-Playing Heroes take Center Stage

September 17, 2012 by brennon

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Role-Playing Heroes are coming to save the day, or burn down the village and keep all the gold for themselves. Either way you might like to check out the latest selection from Center Stage Miniatures...

Armoured Barbarian with Great Sword

Barbarian Shaman

Dark Elf Warrior with Spear

Dwarf Adventurer with Crossbow

In this first selection I of course must bow down to the awesomeness of the Dwarf Adventurer, who is certainly rocking the old school look. While the rest are perfect for heroes I reckon they would work out as evil NPC's that your heroes must face off against! Especially the Barbarian Shaman and Warrior.

Elven Fighter with Sword & Bow

Fighter with Shield & Horned Helm

Northern Guard

Paladin with Sword & Shield

Traveling Wizard

This next half is certainly more on the adventuring heroes side of things, and the Traveling Wizard reminds me of the old wizard Elminster from Dungeons & Dragons! The Elven hero could do with being a little less yellow though I reckon.

So do these Role-Playing miniatures meet your approval?

Might we see some great heroes taking to the taverns and caves of some fantasy world this autumn?

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