Dungeons & Dragons Now Official For Roll20

August 3, 2016 by brennon

The online virtual tabletop, Roll20 now officially supports Dungeons & Dragons as a game system! This is great news for people who want to try and role-play but don't have their own group of friends to play with nearby.

Roll20 Screenshot #2

Roll20 is a great tool for folks to play games together online. It has all the tools you need for crafting your game world and more. All you have to do is getting chatting via their own video chat system or other options like Skype.

In a world that is becoming increasingly connected on a global scale it makes sense that we could look for a gaming group in a new way, reaching out to other players around the world.

Roll20 Screenshot #1

Dice rolls and all of that somewhat more tedious stuff is sorted out for you within the game. Of course you will still do your actions and such but it will all be dealt with within the program. The first adventure from the Starter Set, Lost Mine Of Phandelver is available to buy now with more modules on the cards for the near future.

If you're interested in this system you can go and try it out now. They also have a Looking For Group system so you can find like-minded players and get role-playing.

Have you used Roll20?

"It has all the tools you need for crafting your game world and more..."

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