Take Aim in Rum and Bones as Blackout Bart’s Stats Get Previewed

November 18, 2014 by dracs

Blackout Bart, the drunken old gunner of the piratical game Rum and Bones, may be a sop when it comes to the grog, but as his newly previewed stat card shows he more than knows his way around firearms.

Blackout Bart

As you can see, Blackout Bart is particularly bad news for any heroes who might happen to tangle with him, as his abilities allow you to focus your fire upon them and leave them with some crippling penalties to deal with.

Blackout Bart Miniature

Everything about Rum and Bones looks like a lot of good, piratical fun and Blackout Bart is the perfect example of this. He may seem to be a drunken old sea dog, but these stats show otherwise.

Have you been liking what's coming out of Rum and Bones?

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