The Captain Calls You On Deck For Rum & Bones!

September 20, 2014 by brennon

Today you need to be present on deck for presentation as Captain Pale is the next preview for the world of Rum & Bones in both art and miniature form.

Captain Daniel Pale (Miniature)

Captain Daniel Pale

The deadly Captain Pale is not to be toyed with and looks like an absolute glorious son of a gun. I love the miniature and it's pretty much spot on when you look at the artwork. A nice mix of the cartoon and the realistic.

Both him and Margaret Hale are a match made in heaven and anyone who crosses them on the high seas is surely in for a bit of a deadly time of it. Now we're seeing some cool human additions to this piratical line-up so we've certainly got two factions set up.

What do you think of Captain Pale?

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