Rum & Bones Put Blackout Bart In Charge Of The Cannons!

October 4, 2014 by brennon

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Rum & Bones have another preview for you this weekend and this time it's another human addition to the line-up but he might be a little bit tipsy! Would you trust Blackout Bart with your precious cannons?

Blackout Bart

Blackout Bart (Miniature)

Another neat and very characterful miniature from Rum & Bones showing just what they can do in terms of individually awesome pieces for your games. I think they've managed to capture the clumsy nature of the artwork very well and I think I might have to make sure he appears in every crew I use in Rum & Bones once this comes out.

Clearly the best way to deal with explosives is to put a maniac drunkard in charge of them since anything dangerous but effective is clearly going to work out!

What do you think of Blackout Bart?

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