CMON’s Rum & Bones: Second Tide Is Sailing Straight On Kickstarter

April 14, 2016 by brennon

CoolMiniOrNot are back on Kickstarter with their latest project for Rum & Bones. Second Tide adds more characters, more craziness and a whole lot more besides to their Fantastical swashbuckling adventures on the high seas.

Second Tide

This acts as a sequel to the original game and continues with a battle between pirate crews for control of Davy Jones' treasure. There is also a new levelling system and some revamped gameplay options for you to play around with.

What's In The Box?

Inside the box you get enough components for two to six players to get stuck into some adventuring on the high seas. The Deep Lords are fighting against the Spanish Marea de la Muerte crew to win the day and claim riches beyond their wildest dreams.

Game Setup

The components include such wonders as...

  • 70 Beautifully Detailed Miniatures!
  • 1 Deep Lords Ship Board
  • 2 Marea de la Muerte Ship Boards
  • 60 Tide Cards
  • 20 Plastic Base Rings
  • 12 Hero/Sea Monster Dashboards
  • 34 Skill Cards
  • 12 Objective Tiles
  • 8 Six-Sided Dice
  • 120+ Tokens
  • 1 Rulebook

If you want to learn more about how the game plays then you can catch the video at the top of the page where they go into more detail on the mechanics and play out a battle between both sides.

The Miniatures

One of the big things with Rum & Bones are the cartoon-style miniatures that you get with the game. If you've love your piratical world to be a little bit 'Monkey Island' then this should appeal to you. First up we have The Deep Lords...

Carcharius [Captain], Ishmael [Brute], Kyria and Karl [Gunner], Waldorf [Quartermaster], Snapjaw [Swashbuckler]

These will be the characters you'll be bringing into play from the depths of the ocean - as their name might suggest. As well as that we have the Spanish Marea de la Muerte characters.

iana [Captain], Don Santiago [Brute], Gabriela [Gunner, El Latigo [Quartermaster], DeMarco [Swashbuckler]

Both of these crews also come with some more standard models which make up the bulk of their crew. This includes Bosuns and Deck Hands who will be doing most of the fighting I reckon.

The Crew of the Deep Lords Bosun and 3 deck hands

The Crew of Marea de la Muerte Bosun and 3 Deckhands

I'm really liking the look of all of these characters and it's good to see that there are a few different sculpts for the basic crew members so they don't all appear as the same character on the tabletop. When it comes to this kind of game with this amount of polish you would assume they'd take this into account.

Kickstarter Exclusives

Interestingly two of the Exclusives for Kickstarter in Rum & Bones: Second Tide include the deadly former captain of the Deep Ones, Davy Jones himself. Look at him in all of his tentacled glory...

Kickstarter Exclusive Davy Jones

I love that he's actually not bothering to use his hands to hold the pistol and sword and instead is letting the tentacles do all of the fighting. Rather nifty.

The bloodthirsty captain of the Marea de la Muerte is also available looking rather smarmy and dashing at the same time.

Kickstarter Exclusive Ironclaw

Ironclaw is looking spectacular. I could see him being a dangerous adversary on the tabletop with both his sword and that metal hand of his.

Their campaign is going, as you might imagine, exceptionally well so if you want to get involved it should be a sure thing.

What do you think of Second Tide?

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