RuneCast Feed Their Hungry Dwarf Swordplayer!

July 31, 2014 by brennon

RuneCast have got another Dwarf Swordplayer to add to their collection and this time he's a little bit hungry! I'm sure with a full stomach he'll fighting fit for the battlefield!

Hungry Dwarf (Front)

Hungry Dwarf (Side)

Hungry Dwarf (Rear)

Once again a really well detailed sculpt with plenty of character and being RuneCast they also remember to give the Dwarf some knees! This chap would certainly work well as a champion for a unit or if you fancy playing a Dwarf Fighter in a role-playing game you'd have a great miniature to use when he wasn't slaying foes in a dungeon. You then use one of the other Swordplayers when he's in combat!

Shall you be joining this Dwarf for a knees-up in the local tavern?

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