RuneCast Give Another Dwarf Sword Swinging Lessons

January 6, 2014 by brennon

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Following on the heels of the last Dwarf we showed from RuneCast we have another ready to bring his deadly two handed blade down on you. See what you think of the second of the Dwarf Swordplayers.

Dwarf Swordplayer (Front)

Dwarf Swordplayer (Side)

Dwarf Swordplayer (Rear)

I think we have another really charming sculpt from the old school design that has been updated with some great attention to detail. He looks about ready to shop someones head off with that, or knowing the size of Dwarfs, maybe just carve their leg off. Both would be good!

I reckon he could be a neat champion model for a unit or a perfect hero for a role-playing fighter.

What do you think?

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