Gangfight Games Reveal New Game, Runerunners

November 15, 2016 by brennon

It looks like Gangfight Games are expanding upon their range once again with Runerunners! Take Fantasy races, magic, and drop it into a 1900s style prohibition era world!

Rune Runners #1

Right now they are at the concept stage and have been showing off some wonderful pieces of artwork. The characters all look like they've got a nice comic book feel to them, stuck in this strange world.

Rune Runners #2

The game will have a skirmish base and will most likely begin production during 2017 as they wait for Blackwater Gulch to finish. I have to say that already I am quite taken with the idea.

Rune Runners #3

There's something almost Terry Pratchett-esque about the world from what we're seeing so far and it somewhat reminds me of Fantastic Beasts, the new Potterverse movie.

This one could well hit the nail on the head if the sculpts are nice!

What do you think of the idea?

"There's something almost Pratchett-esque about the world..."

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