Holy Crusaders, Mead Halls & More For SAGA

December 21, 2013 by brennon

Gripping Beast have sent out a Christmas newsletter and it's chocked full of awesome news for fans of SAGA and historical gaming in general. See what you think of Crusaders!

SAGA Crescent & Cross

The first big news is that they are going to be making a new supplement for SAGA called Crescent & Cross which will take you into the Holy Land to fight the battles of the Crusades as both sides.

This has been something folks have seen coming for a while and I think it was always going to be a winner. This period needs some serious love and you could even bring in those models from Fireforge for it!

SAGA Great Hall

The Mead Hall is also underway which means soon enough you'll be fighting within it's warm, if bloody, interior with a selection of scenarios as well to spice up meal time for Saxons and Vikings alike.


Other news sees another game coming out from the folks at Studio Tomahawk which puts you in the sands of the arena and Ancient Rome. From the name I think we can safely  say this one is going to be bloody. As long as it makes things as gory and awesome as the sights of Spartacus: Blood & Sand there will be some happy warriors.

Are you a happy Beast?

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