More Details on The Raven’s Shadow for SAGA Emerge

October 5, 2012 by brennon

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You heard about it not long ago, but here are the full details on The Raven's Shadow expansion for SAGA from Gripping Beast and Tomahawk Studios. Check out the new stuff below!

The Raven's Shadow

The Raven's Shadow will include rules for...

The Franks – Whether your warband is Merovingian, Carolingian or Capetian, the Franks have a highly organised military structure and mounted troops are the key to your success.

The Irish – Lead your brave tribal warriors against all comers and watch the enemy quail before the might of your champions.

The Norse-Gaels – Born from the collision of Celtic and Viking cultures, your warband is ready to demonstrate its martial prowess – dare your enemies accept your challenge ?

The Stratchclyde Welsh – Mounted on sturdy ponies, your warband is ready to surround and destroy any who are foolish enough to stand in your way.

Each of these new factions has been extensively tested against the current warbands and will be released in French at the Crisis show in Antwerp, and then in English at the Warfare show in Reading. There will then be a general release from November 19th.

The factions are also going to get their own battle boards and of course a 4pt Starter Warband to get you going in this fantastic Dark Age game.

Oh and for fans of SAGA they have also released the Faction Dice once again!


Grab them before they are all gone again!

Will you be waiting with baited breath for Raven's Shadow?

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