A Grand Melee & Crusade Beckons For SAGA!

March 6, 2014 by brennon

A whole bunch of SAGA news hit recently about the coming of the Grand Melee for 2014 and much more. As well as the Dark Age scuffles they have some great news about their Crusades version of the rules and Jugula is close to being on the blood soaked cards...

Grand Melee UK 2014

The first bit of news is on the SAGA Grand Melee coming on June 7th and 8th where you will be playing six games over one or two days, battering your opponents into submission with your Dark Age Warband. It is going to be held at Firestorm Games in Cardiff and promises to be a mead soaked event not to be missed.

SAGA Crescent & Cross

On the subject of SAGA the book for The Crescent & The Cross is also nearly available and while the book should be out at Salute they will definitely have both the Crusader and Muslim forces available for you to buy.

Plastic Arabs

Keeping your army properly bolstered for the battlefield Gripping Beast are also releasing a massive plastic set containing enough parts to make forty miniatures. Spearmen, Archers and Javelin throwing troops can be made out of this mega box. Also perfect if you're still waiting on models for Deus Vult.

Jugula Gladiators

Rounding things off you will be able to check out the demo for Jugula at Salute allowing you to build a Gladiator school and then take to the arena to shed blood and make as much gold as possible in return. I really like these modular miniatures they have for the game allowing you to make the figures with a range of different weapons.

It really is quite the awesome selection coming to Salute!

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