Gripping Beast Show Off More Of Their Salute 2013 Line-Up

April 12, 2013 by brennon

Gripping Beast have plenty on offer at this years Salute and below you can see a selection for the world of SAGA. The main focus here is on the new warlord Hereward the Wake and a whole bunch of models for the Rus factions...

Hereward The Wake

Hereward is an important legendary figure from the end of the Dark Ages. He was staunchly Anti-Norman and after the events of Hastings and his return to the shores of England he led a series of rebellions against the invaders.

Pagan Rus Warlord

Pagan Rus Vajarzi

Militia Spearmen

Militia Archers


Carolingian Warriors

Above you can also see some of the sets they will be using for the Pagan Rus and other factions coming in the newest expansion for SAGA. It's interesting that they are taking the battle boards further afield and exploring new countries and Dark Age beliefs.

Will you be grabbing any of these miniatures for your warbands?

Let me know!

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