Gripping Beast’s Releases Some Creepy Character Miniatures

July 15, 2015 by stvitusdancern

Gripping Beast the minds behind the ever growing game Saga has released a reinforcement box of the Revenants to add to your undead army.

Revenant Booster One

Revenant Booster Two

If you have been looking to add some more combatants to your army and already have the starter set then this is the answer you have been looking for. There are two sets available that each contain 12 miniatures to round out some variety.

SAGA Revenant 6 point Warband Limited Edition Box Set

Remember that the starter set is around for a limited time and has the Necromancer and battle boards to play this version of Saga. This game keeps alluding me, I saw it well represented at Adepticon this year and was determined to get some at Salute, but alas I did not.

Do you think Saga is the next big game?

"Remember that the starter set is around for a limited time..."

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