Mighty Chariots, Mongol Cavalry & A SAGA Grand Melee!

June 24, 2013 by brennon

Gripping Beast have a whole host of new mounted units for sale including some Heavy Chariots and Mongol Cavalry. As well as that Studio Tomahawk, those behind the rules for SAGA, are holding their SAGA Grand Melee this year! See the trailer for it above...

Scythed Chariot #1

Scythed Chariot #2

First up we have these heavy Scythed Chariots which comes with two different drivers, but you can also buy them as a double pack. They really are huge hulking pieces of machinery and could easily trample a regiment under foot. Those scythes on the side will be carving their way through those who aren't quick enough.

Mongol Heavy Cavalry

Mongol Drummer on Camel

Mongol Light Cavalry

As well as the Chariots you can also get your hands on some Heavy, Light and Camel Mongol Cavalry. So if you're looking to amass a mighty mounted force you will soon have a variety to draw on.

As well as the new models Studio Tomahawk are also looking at the SAGA Grand Melee later this year. From the 21st to the 22nd of September 2013 you'll be able to drink, feast and fight for a place in Valhalla when you visit Lingolsheim (Strasbourg - FRANCE)!

Will any of you be fighting to cement your saga in the annuls of history?

Let me know below!

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