More Minis Join the Crusade of SAGA: The Crescent and The Cross

September 10, 2014 by dracs

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Gripping Beast are preparing for their round two releases for SAGA: The Crescent and The Cross, bringing us the crusading forces of the Milites Christi and the Mutatawaa'i.

Mutatawaa'i Camel Rider

Milites Christi Mounted

Gripping Beast plan to launch these new ranges in the next couple of weeks. Each will receive a four point starter warband, as well as a full range of one point supporting reinforcement packs.

Milites Christi


Both of these forces bring interesting new tactical options, not to mention cool miniatures to the game. SAGA is fast growing as a historical game and it is great to see it continuing to expand like this with new factions and some excellent sculpts.

Does God will that you join the Milites Christi? Or will you fight on the side of the Mutatawaa'i?

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