The SAGA Byzantine Warbands Are Ready for War

October 30, 2012 by brennon

In the big anniversary issue of Wargames Illustrated you will find the rules and battleboard for the Byzantine warband in the game of SAGA by Gripping Beast and Tomahawk Studio. Well, here is the four point Starter Warband for these exotic warriors below...

Byzantines 4pt Warband

The set contains...

Mounted Warlord, 4 Kavallaroi (Mounted Hearthguards Spears), 4 Kavallaroi (Mounted Hearthguards Bows), 8 Kontaratoi (Warriors Spears) & 8 Toxatoi (Warriors Bows)

What do you think of this warband, free of furs and dane axes? Could this be a step in the right direction for SAGA as a whole, exploring more civilisations from the Dark Ages but across the world?

Let me know below!

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