SAGA Crescent & Cross Releases August 8th! God Wills It!

August 7, 2014 by brennon

If you've noticed, a fair few people are interested in Gripping Beast's SAGA Crescent & Cross which takes the Studio Tomahawk system and allows you to battle over the Holy Land during the medieval period. Well, it's getting a release on Friday 8th of August alongside Warbands and Heroes to name a few things!

Crescent & Cross

The game has you playing as either Crusader or Saracen factions fighting for control of the Holy Land in the name of each others Gods. A turbulent time in history that was filled with political intrigue, fierce infighting and of course deadly engagements in the baking heat of the Holy Land between Christians and Muslims. Both sides had those that were gallant and both sides had those who were insidious.

Crusaders Mixed

Crusader On Foot


Above are some of the warbands that you'll be able to pick up at launch. You have the mixed Crusader set (top) followed by an entirely On Foot Crusader set (middle) and finally the Saracens (bottom). Each works for the various factions in the game.

Godfrey of Bouillon

Of course it wouldn't be SAGA without some interesting heroes from history to throw into the mix and Godfrey of Bouillon is first out of the starting block. Godfrey would ride with the First Crusader and later establish the Kingdom of Jerusalem although he would refuse to be called 'King' believing that Christ was the one true King of the holy city.

Will you be heading off to the Holy Land?

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