Get Your SAGA Crescent & Cross Warbands Ready At Salute

March 26, 2014 by brennon

Gripping Beast have announced a whole bunch of releases for Salute and sadly SAGA The Crescent & Cross won't be there (it will be released in May). However, they will have warbands and dice available to give you a head start.

Arabic Dice

Templar Dice

First up we have a look at those snazzy order dice for both the Templars and Arabic forces in the new game. I love the designs and the dice they make always seem to compliment the game and the warband itself well.

Crusader Warlord

Each of the two new warbands will also be available and will look a little bit like this...

The Crusader Starter Box (Mounted Knights) box will contain:
1 x Mounted Crusader Warlord
2 x Mounted Knights (Hearthguards)
1 x Warriors on foot
1 x Warriors on foot (bows)

1 x Crusader Warlord on Foot
1 x Knights on Foot (Hearthguards)
1 x Knights with Double Handed Axes (Hearthguards)
1 x Warriors on Foot
1 x Warriors on Foot (Bows)

Saracen Warlord

On the Arabic/Saracen side of things we'll have this to pick up...

The Saracen Starter Box will contain:
1 x Mounted Saracen Warlord
1 x Mounted Ghulams (hearthguards) (4)
1 x Mounted Ghulams with Bows (hearthguards) (4)
1 x Mounted Warriors with Bows (8)
1 x Warriors on Foot (8)

So you'll then have everything you need to play SAGA The Crescent & Cross when the book finally comes out in May. Like with everything from Gripping Beast right now you can head over and pre-order it so that it's an easy pick up at the event.

Which side will you take?

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