A SAGA Hero Leaves The Vignettes & Joins The Raven’s Shadow

November 2, 2012 by brennon

If you're looking for another hero to lead your warband in SAGA then how about Brodir, a legendary warrior, king slayer and supposed sorcerer! Check out the miniature below from Gripping Beast...

Brodir of Man, The One Steel Cannot Bite.

Brian Boru, Brodir & Casualty

As the saga goes Brodir and his brother Ospak were once battle brothers but when it came to a battle against the High King of Ireland they were split and fought against each other. Brodir was convinced of victory if he battled the aged King on Good Friday, but Ospak disagreed. The Sagas then go on to tell of Brodir slaughtering many and eventually killing the King before being felled himself.

The miniature, a suitably howling Dane would be perfect for leading a warband.

What do you think to him?

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