New SAGA Six Point Starter Warbands Coming Soon!

November 12, 2013 by brennon

Gripping Beast are bringing some more warriors of the Dark Age to your table with new Six Point Starter Sets for SAGA designed to get you going right away. These new sets also include fatigue markers for use in your games!

Anglo-Danes Starter

Joms Viking Starter

Scots Starter

Viking Starter

Above you can see the new sets which include the Anglo-Danes, Joms-Viking, Viking and Scots. If you're a Joms-Viking player then you will also get some Wrath markers to send your men into even more of a berserk rage.

SAGA Great Hall

As well as that their latest preview newsletter also featured some interesting scenes from inside the SAGA Great Hall we showed you a good few months ago now. It looks like there are going to be scenarios for this building which would be epic to fight out.

The Warfare Event is coming this weekend too and the SAGA guys are going to be there probably showing all this off. So maybe you want to head down and give it all a go?

Will you be picking up a new warband?

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