SAGA’s Compendium Is Ready Plus Dark Age Calender!

September 27, 2014 by brennon

Stronghold Terrain have been working with Gripping Beast and Studio Tomahawk to bring Europeans a version of the SAGA rules and their big SAGA Compendium is now available for pre-order alongside a rather cool looking Dark Age Calender!

SAGA Compendium

The Compendium however, seems to only be in German. It does however contain everything from Northern Fury, Raven's Shadow and everything concerning the Pagan Rus, Skraeling and the Steppe Mongolians. So not bad if you're looking for a book that contains everything you'd need to play SAGA...and you read German.

SAGA Calender

SAGA Calender (January)

Regardless of the cool compendium however I WISH I could get my hands on this awesome Calender that also comes as part of the purchase (as far as I can tell). It has some awesome battle scenes on it and would be perfect to hang over my painting table reminding me of how few miniatures I've actually ended up finishing. Or how I still don't have my proper Anglo-Dane Dice...

Some awesome stuff from this collaboration and perfect for European SAGA players!

Would you love an English compendium?

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