Scout Out Somewhere To Raid With New SAGA Scenic Collections

September 3, 2015 by brennon

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Gripping Beast have put together some collections of models that would be very useful when you're considering what to raid in your games of SAGA. There are three sets, Livestock, Ecclesiastical Civilians and Peasants & Townsfolk each providing you with interesting options for your raids.


When you're attacking foes in a foreign land then you need a source of food. With that in mind you could use these animals as part of a scenario where you're trying to grab your opponents livestock and rustle it away from them to feed your warband.

Livestock (Large)

Of course no herd is unprotected and you could work in some rules for the scenario with hunting dogs watching the herd and alerting the defending warband of your attack.

I think it could make for an interesting narrative scenario where a scout goes ahead and sees what they can find out about the livestock. If they survive the dogs and a few patrols you get a bonus early in the game.

Ecclesiastical Civilians

It wouldn't be the Dark Ages without a raid on a Monastery or other Christian enclave. As well as some helpless priests and monks you also get a few who have taken up arms to defend their faith.

Ecclesiastical (Large)

I don't think I have to explain what kind of scenario these would be useful for. I like the idea of you properly raiding a Monastary and having to fight through a huge set of buildings. It would be fun to have all the fighting happen inside the tight hallways where the defender might be able to bring a shieldwall to bear against your Vikings.

Peasants & Townsfolk

This last set would be great for adding some character to a big table where you've created a town to raid or just as part of a diorama. I like that you get a wide variety of interesting sculpts including women and children too.

Peasants & Townsfolk (Large)

I could see these poor souls being the first to face the swords and axes of your raid and it's up to the defenders to rush forward and keep them safe, shepherding them away into the safety of a great hall perhaps.

Come Up With Your Own Scenario

Talking of scenarios that you could use these models for; Gripping Beast have launched a competition to design one based on any of these three sets you see here.

There are full guidelines over on Facebook but it obviously has to included these models and should be fun and inventive. You will win one of each of these sets if your scenario is picked and it will get published in Wargames Illustrated!

You have until October 5th 2015.

What do you think of these sets?

"I think it could make for an interesting narrative scenario where a scout goes ahead and sees what they can find out about the livestock..."

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