More Crusading Warlords Gather For Crescent & The Cross

November 7, 2014 by brennon

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Gripping Beast have put together two more sets of warriors for both the Crusaders and Muslim forces in SAGA: Crescent & The Cross. Not only are the Mutatawwi'a riding into battle but the Milites Christi too...

Milites Christi Knights

Milites Christi Warband

First up we're taking a look at the very, very awesome Milites Christi who look amazing in their black tabards. I love the infantry that they have for this faction with their menacing looking helmets that have an edge of the Saracen to them. The cavalry above ain't too shabby either!

Mutatawwi'a Mounted Warlord

Mutatawwi'a Starter Warband

The Mutatawwi'a aren't to be outdone either with some rather awesome looking warriors for their forces too. The amazing Warlord above is great and would be even cooler on a more scenic base where he's cutting his way through ranks of Crusaders. You could make some neat dioramas with a lot of this range actually.

Have you had a go at Crescent & The Cross?

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