Write Your Own SAGA With The Steppe Tribe Warbands

August 27, 2013 by brennon

Gripping Beast have put together the Steppe Tribe Warband for your games of SAGA. If you manage to pick up the battleboard from Wargames Illustrated 311 then you now have the models to match.

Steppe Tribe Hearthguard

Steppe Tribe Warlord

Steppe Tribe Warriors

In the set you get your hands on lots of mounted Hearthguard, Warriors and one of the Warlords available from their reinforcements section of the website.

This looks like it will play a very different game to the other warbands out there and bring an interesting amount of ranged combat options with their warriors.

The Dark Age really is taking off as a historical period to game in and SAGA is a firm favourite. I just wish enough people around me played it!

Will you take to the Steppes?

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