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Spartan Games Brings In The Big Ships For Halo: Fleet Battles


Spartan Games Halo:Fleet Battles is an impressive game in its own right, but now they add something truly impressive by offering supercarriers! Check these bad boys out for yourself.

Weekender: Boot Camps, Salute Winners & Checking Out Emergence Event


Welcome back to The Weekender that took a bit of a hiatus last week due to our Salute coverage which was awesome but very tiring!

VLOG: Salute Recovery, Bolt Action Prep & Next Boot Camp Announcement


The team are now safely back (and recovering) in the River Side Studio after Salute and it's now time for our next project; The Bolt Action Boot Camp. Plus, Warren reveals what game is getting the Boot Camp treatment in June!

Salute 2015 Live Blog: The Days Fun


It doesn't seem like a year since we were last at Salute but it has been and this years Salute 2015 has kicked of at the ExCel Centre in London.

Salute 2015 Live Blog: Assault On Hoth Participation Game


Salute 2015 Live Blog: The Painting Competition!


Salute 2015 Live Blog: Friday Set-Up


It's almost time for Salute 2015 to get started but first there's a day of setting up for traders and exhibitors to get ready for Saturdays big show.

VLOG: We’ve Finished The Star Wars Battle of Hoth Gaming Table


After weeks of preparation our Battle of Hoth participation game for Salute 2015 is finally complete.

Empress Miniatures Shows Their Salute Offerings


Empress Miniatures joins the the impressive list of companies that will have new releases at Salute this year.

Amera 15mm Trench Sections Available First At Salute


Need some trenches for your 15mm game? Amera Plastic Mouldings has trenches ready for your game and you can pick them up first at this year's Salute!

Weekender XLBS: Star Wars: Armada Fever & Eldar Craftworlds Return!


Happy Sunday! As most of you know Salute 2015 is just around the corner and that means we're also organising something for you Backstagers!

Freebooter Miniatures Previews Their Salute Specials


Freebooter Miniatures gives us a look at this years offerings at Salute.

Weekender: Star Wars At Salute & Carnevale Chat!


We've been working away like mad to get the Star Wars: Assault On Hoth participation game ready for Salute 2015!

VLOG: Star Wars’ Echo Base Switches On


Let there be light! Echo base has got the electricians in as we've used LED lighting to bring the Rebel's ice home to life!

VLOG: The Battle of Hoth Takes Shape


The team are working away on getting the board for our Salute 2015 Battle of Hoth game ready and it's really taking shape. We've even got an impressive looking Echo Base for our Rebel force.

Weekender: Prodos’ Alien Vs Predator & Inside Imperial Assault!


VLOG: Warren’s Orky Sub & Hobby Projects!


Welcome to your weekly dose of VLogging goodness where Warren has got into the swing of things when it comes to crafting his Ork Mega-Submarine.

Exclusive! Will You Be Lucky? Win Cash Prizes At Salute 2015


If you're an Advanced E-Ticket Holder at this years Salute you could be in for a big treat as the South London Warlords have popped a few cash prizes into some of your bags! Fancy some extra spending money for the event?

Salute Ain’t Goin’ Anywhere Folks! [Update!]


After a weekend of people wondering we've had confirmation that Salute isn't going anywhere and it won't be leaving the ExCel centre anytime soon either [Statement From South London Warlords Added!]

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