Salute 2013: Gaming Tables!

April 20, 2013 by brennon

Let's take a look at the various gaming tables that they have here at Salute 2013. Plenty of fancy terrain and lavishly painted armies await...

Waterloo Charge

Victrix Napoleonics Bridge

Puppet Wars

Necrons Vs Grey Knights

Dropzone Commander Rooftops


Another batch of close up shots of some of the great looking tables here. I love the Puppet Wars board game above which has a snazzy looking set up indeed.

Water Assault

Vietnam War


Sci-Fi Crossover Battle

Mech Battle

Greek Heroes

As you can see there has been an array of different boards including this rather innovative one from Freebooter's Fate which wheels around in true extravagant piratical fashion.

Freebooter's Fate Table

Foggy London Town

Beach Landing

Malifaux Catacombs

Modern City Scape

SAGA Great Hall #2

Sci-Fi Ship Mash-Up

WWII Battlefield Church Fight

Right now people are still setting up so we've grabbed a few images of the different tables on offer. However we're going to take a look at more tables throughout the day so keep an eye on this post and we'll aim to keep updating the gallery!

Hopefully if you're here you'll experience some of these, and if you're not then at least you can get a glimpse of the action!

Have fun!

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