Gather Round for the Epic Saga of Our Journey to Salute!

April 11, 2014 by dracs

We have safely arrived at Salute and have begun to set up our stands here. While Warren and Justin argue about where tables should go, I thought I would take five minutes to sing you the epic saga of our journey to the Holy Grail of Gaming; Salute 2014!

Justin Road Trip

Early was the hour on which we set forth on our journey to Salute. So early, in fact, that it took ten minutes to get Justin to wake the heck up.

Eventually we managed it, and myself, Justin, Warren and Lloyd did board a vessel that would take us to the land of England, where we did while away the long hours back stabbing one another in that awesome board game Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Sand (Warren thrashed us all thoroughly)

Warren Road Trip

Sam Road Trip

Upon landing after the eight hour crossing we picked up the master of tanks, John and went on to find refuge at the home of DeadDave.


Beasts of War at Salute

Now we await only two more of our mighty band of adventurers and in the meantime begin to set up our base of operations here at Salute.


A Blur of Activity

Hard at Work

Once we're all set up and ready for tomorrow we will be heading out for our pre-Salute meet up with the Backstagers and we hope we will be seeing you there.

Salute 2014 is definitely going to be keeping us busy. John and Romain will be busy running Miniatures ER, sharing their tips on how to resurrect your poorly painted models, so be sure to bring them something to work on.

Warren, Lloyd and Justin will be busy filming everything going on at this great event, talking to the different companies and getting us all a good look at some of the gaming that will be going on. Remember, you can be in with a chance of winning a prize by getting a photo of yourself video bombing them, so keep an eye out for them on the day.

Behind the scenes, Ben and I will be hard at work keeping you all abreast of the latest developments, updating articles throughout the day on the great painting, gaming tables and releases on display.


There will be plenty happening tomorrow and we will be keeping you up to date on every thing going on at this awesome event.

If you're at Salute, feel free to come by and say hi and if not be sure to keep checking the site for our coverage.

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