Salute 2014: Sensational Gaming Tables! [Updated]

April 12, 2014 by dracs

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UPDATE: Moving on with our look at the great gaming tables here at Salute. Previously, we mostly got a look at some of the historical games. Now we take a look at some of the fantasy and sci-fi settings, starting with the excellent Dropzone Commander board.

Dropzone Table

Dropzone Ruined Station

Dropzone Commander Street View

Surprisingly, this is not the most awesome thing Hawk Wargames have brought with them. Check this out.

Dropzone Drop Ship


That is a full-sized orbital dropship! It cannot get more awesome than that, and Warren tells me that we might expect to see more of it in the future.

Of course, Hawk aren't the only ones who have been keeping busy making spectacular tables. Empire of the Dead and Crooked Dice have brought tables fit for any pulp or steampunk adventure.


7th Voyage

Fenris have been playing on their great swamp table that they have been posting the WIPs of for a while now.

Fenris Swamp Board

Swamp Shark

The Freebooter's Fate table has set sail with an amazing ship.

Freebooter's Fate

Freebooter's On the Deck

Micro Art Studio have made some excellent steampunk tables for Wolsung SSG.

Wolsung Table

Wolsung Table 2

Wolsung Rowing

While other tables have taken us everywhere, from the chariot races of the Roman arena, to a strange colonial war on the surface of Mars.

Mars Table

Mars Table 2

Chariot Race


Dune Table

Dune Board Backlit

Japan Board

These tables are really impressive, all with an awesome degree of character and detail. Best of all, games are being played on most of them!

Allan Quartermain Table

Quartermain Flying Ship

Quartermain Table

Sloped Table

Sloped Table Down View

Battles are raging, across the tundra and cliffs, in the streets and even on the waves.

Street Battle

Street Battle View

Sea Landing


War Sea Landing

There are even planes soaring over 'Nam style battles and men storming the the ramparts of the Holy City.

Dien Bien Phu

Take Cover!


Storm the Ramparts

There are still plenty more here to see and I will be adding them to this post throughout the day. Be sure to check back to see some of the fantasy and sci-fi stuff on display and a quick glimpse of a massive project Hawk Wargames have been working on.

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