What’s Going On at the Salute Set Up?

April 11, 2014 by dracs

Well, we made it. We're safely here at the place that all gamers dream of going to. No, not the pub. I am of course talking about Salute 2014. At the moment things are still setting up and we snatched a few pics to give you all a sneak peak of what to expect.


Salute Set Up

This year Salute has got even more space than ever before and it is quickly filling up with traders and games companies as they start to set up their stalls.

Set Up

Battle Foam Set Up

Busy Setting Up

Setting Up

There are still plenty of intriguing boxes whose contents have yet to be unveiled to us, but from the looks of it I can safely say that this Salute will give plenty of people a bad case of shiny syndrome. We nearly lost John to the Forge World stand already, and they haven't even finished unpacking.

Forge World



Even more exciting has been the glimpses we have seen of some of the gaming tables that are being set up.

Salute Gaming Table

Gaming Table

Best of these, so far, has got to be the Dropzone Commander table that Hawk Wargames have brought along.

Dropzone Commander

These are all looking awesome and we will be taking a closer look at it all tomorrow.

What do you want to see at Salute?

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