Salute Ain’t Goin’ Anywhere Folks! [Update!]

March 4, 2015 by brennon

After a weekend of people wondering if Salute 2015 was going to be the last at the ExCel and pondering on it's future we've had confirmation that Salute isn't going anywhere and it won't be leaving the ExCel centre anytime soon either...

Update: Statement from South London Warlords...


The South London Warlords would like to reassure gamers and traders that SALUTE will be held at Excel for the foreseeable future. We operate on a rolling contract with the management at ExCel and, as such, we are committed to running SALUTE there in 2016 and beyond.

SALUTE, we are pleased to say, is a thriving event and continues to grow every year. Each year, The South London Warlords aim to improve the show and hope to give both visitors and traders a great day out and provide gamers with a chance to see the best the gaming hobby has to offer.

This year’s show is looking to be even bigger than last year’s. We have over 100 participation and demonstration games for you to look at, plus well over 150 trade stands for you to visit, along with the internationally renowned SALUTE painting competition.

The South London Warlords hope you will enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and have an exciting day of gaming at SALUTE, whether you are a veteran gamer or someone looking to start in the hobby.

The President
The South London Warlords

Salute, never fear! Some members of the South London Warlords got in touch to tell us everything is hunky-dory when it comes to the venue and continued events for the foreseeable future.

In the mean time make sure to study that poster above and come along to Salute 2015 where the theme is going to be Agincourt! It's great to see some medieval stuff going down and don't forget we'll be there covering the event with Live Blogs AND the big participation game for the Battle of Hoth. If Warren and Lloyd ever stop fighting over AT-AT colours that is...

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What are you most looking forward to come Salute time?

"...don’t forget we’ll be there covering the event with Live Blogs AND the big participation game for the Battle of Hoth"

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