Sarissa Precision Release Their Retro Americana Terrain Range

July 23, 2016 by brennon

Sarissa Precision continue to impress with a new range of terrain which would be perfect for Historical, Pulp and Post-Apocalyptic warfare. See what you think of their Retro Americana range...


First up we have the Residential Trailer here which would be nice when combined with a few more (painted up in different ways of course) so you could make a Trailer Park. Maybe you could make it proper GTA style!

Next up we're going to be taking a look at the Gas Station.

Gas Station

This looks a little cleaner than the Trailer but it would still be perfect out there on the dust roads of America. Now all you need are a few cars, a waitress pouring coffee and some gangs to get stuck into each other here.

The Diner would probably work nicely for that too.


All of these buildings can have their tops removed so you can play around inside of them if you wanted. They're going to be a little tight but they look great.

Horror At The Motel

When you're planning your next scary skirmish game or role-playing session how about a Motel? Murders always happen at Motels out there at the back end of beyond. Here we have the Reception...

Motel Lobby

...and to actually make up the Motel we have the Rooms (Left) and Rooms (Right). You could even have a bit of a Zombie Apocalype thing going on here which would be fun.

Motel #1

Motel #2

We really like what Sarissa Precision have been doing here and it's great to see their range expanding even more than it was. There is an expansive collection to explore and we hope we'll see more of this Americana range hitting the tabletop soon.

What do you think?

"When you're planning your next scary skirmish game or role-playing session how about a Motel?"

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