Sarissa Open Up The Streets Of Rome

December 5, 2017 by thisisazrael

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Streets of Rome Sarissa Precision Header

We've previously previewed the new Streets of Rome range from Sarissa Precision, but I don't think we were prepared for the sheer scale of this amazing new 28mm range.

Streets of Rome Sarissa Precision Triumphal Arch

Sarissa Precision is offering up THIRTY FIVE different options in their new pre-order which includes five impressive bundles and also adds in some great incidental scenery pieces such as carts, fountains and crates.

Streets of Rome Sarissa Precision Fountains

On their site, Sarissa Precision have said: "Although designed very much with Footsore & War Banner's Gangs of Rome game, many have used well beyond and outside this area."

Streets of Rome Sarissa Precision Upper Rank Forum Corner

I'd love to get these on a table with some Carnevale too as the balconies and varied tiers of reasonably flat rooftops would offer up some fantastic free-running fun.

Streets of Rome Sarissa Precision Upper Shops Rank

While these may come unpainted, Lloyd and Gerry had a good chat on a previous Sunday's XLBS about how you good quickly bring these up with Army Painter primers.

Streets of Rome Sarissa Precision Town Wall Gate Inside

The kits are due to ship in January and I personally can't wait to see these on a tabletop.

Are you excited to see this range arrive? What systems would you most like to play with them?

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