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Lucid Eye Focus In On Savage Core As Next Big Project


Lucid Eye seems to be focusing in on Savage Core as their next big project after The Red Book Of The Elf King. 

New Companions & A Savage Age Captain From Lucid Eye


Lucid Eye has some new additions to both their The Elf King range and also the Savage Age collection.

Bronze Age Show Off Flash Gordon Models For Kickstarter RPG


Bronze Age Miniatures has shown off the range of awesome Flash Gordon Miniatures that were sculpted up for the Savage Worlds role-playing game of the same name.

New Strange Pulp Characters Hit The Tabletop From Lucid Eye


Lucid Eye Publications have continued to build on their collection of the weird and wonderful with a new character for The Plot Device and some Savage Core: Age Of Ice warriors.

Lucid Eye’s Savage Core Prepares For An Ice Age With New Amazons


Lucid Eye Publications is going to be adding to the world of the Savage Core with some new Amazons. However, these warrior women aren’t your typical jungle dwellers as they’ve had to wrap up warm for winter!

The Atlanteans Join The Fight For Savage Core By Warlord


The Atlanteans are joining the world of Savage Core from Warlord Games and Lucid Eye.

Warlord & Lucid Eye Delve To The Savage Core With New Characters


Warlord Games have shown off some more miniatures for the Savage Core universe by Lucid Eye.

Go Cro-Magnon With Warlord Games New Line


Warlord Games is developing a new line of miniatures and they show us the first samples.