Vikings & A Slice Of The Steampunk From Scale75

July 9, 2014 by brennon

Scale75 have a new pair of awesome looking miniature figures for you to pick up. If you fancy adding a bit of Steampunk to your gaming room then you can pick up Carla Mc Carthy but if Vikings is more your thing then see what you think of Ragnar Lodbrok himself!

Carla Mc Carthy (Front)

Carla Mc Carthy (Rear)

First up we have said Steampunk heroine and you might recognise her from the fundraiser campaign they ran recently. The paint job is rather awesome and you can indeed buy it from them like this. It does cost a little bit more to do so of course and if you want to brave painting her yourself then I commend you and want to see your work!

Ragnar Lodbrok (Front)

Ragnar Lodbrok (Rear)

If you're a fan of the new Vikings series from the History Channel then you'll be familiar with Ragnar Lodbrok, the forward thinking explorer and raider who headed over to England and caused quite a headache for the local lords. The miniature is a great likeness and even has his Odin inspired jerkin just right.

Hopefully Scale75 will do other heroes and heroines from the show. I'd love one of Lagertha!

What do you think?

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