Free Warhammer 40K Vigilus Laid Waste Event Pack Download

December 22, 2018 by lloyd

Our Vigilus Laid Waste Warhammer 40,000 narrative mega battle took place recently here in the Visitor Centre and was a rip-roaring success but you may be thinking that's all well and good but how can I take part!?! Well, since it's Christmas (and we did promise we would) you can now conduct your own mega battles on Vigilus with our FREE download pack (zip file).

Vigilus Laid Waste Event Download Pack - Click Here

On the fringes of a burning hive sprawl deep in the deserts of Vigilius, an ancient beacon suddenly bursts to life somewhere within the remains of a forgotten war zone.

There is power and lost archeotech from the past to be secured, and factions from all over and around Vigilus have been drawn to its pulsating signal. Are you ready to join the fight and what treasure of Vigilus will you unearth?

The download pack consists of the following:

  • Vigilus Laid Waste Booklet (A4)
  • Vigilus Scenarios (A3)
  • Vigilus Objective Markers (A3)
  • Vigilus Area Effect Tall Markers (A3)
  • Vigilus Archeotech Effect Reveals (A4)

Vigilus Laid Waste is a narrative event that utilises a number of the more advanced rules from the Warhammer 40K game system.

This event is for players at all levels and some of our more advanced players may be asked to take a newcomer to the hobby under their wing to show them the ropes and give them a great introduction to the game and universe of Warhammer 40,000.

Players are asked to play hard but fair and have a story first approach to their games, keeping things moving quickly and generating awesome story moments.

If your opponent is new to the game, it would be welcomed to help them and guide them a little to ensure they feel comfortable and generate a few cool moments of their own.

This event pack is not set in stone, as it is a narrative event first and foremost so we ask all involved to be open and flexible to ensure we can all participate in a fun and relaxed environment.

Download and enjoy, we did, check out the pictures below!

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