All Aboard the FSA Land Train for Dystopian Wars

April 30, 2013 by dracs

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The Federated States of America are receiving new versatile vehicle to help bring down the enemies on land. All aboard the Columbia Land Train.

Columbia Land Train

According to Spartan Games, during the civil war which birthed the FSA many trains were re-outfitted for combat use. This has since been developed upon, with the end result being the Columbia Land Train.

This is a versatile vehicle which doesn't rely upon tracks to move around. What makes it useful to the FSA is that, with a simple change of the compartments, its role on the battlefield can be changed. This ranges from artillery platform, troop transport and even to air defence, transporting batteries of ack-ack around with it. All it needs is a narration by Ringo and I'll buy it!

Fancy buying a ticket for this train ride?

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