Adorn Your Infinity Board With Warsenal Terrain & Tokens

January 2, 2014 by brennon

If you're a fan of Infinity then you might be looking to get your board furnished in the style of the world itself. If you want some of that sleek sci-fi terrain Warsenal might have your answer.

Alpha Garage

Gamma Beta

First up we have these structures include garages, shops, and regular buildings. Each of them has been designed exactly for Infinity and provides you with some nice layers and such to make things interesting.

If you mixed this in with some of the terrain from Plast Craft Games you'd have a nice selection that would make it into an eclectic hub of activity on some distant world.

Warsenal Tokens #1

Warsenal Tokens #2

Warsenal also bring to the table a selection of tokens that are tailored to your particular force. They are very neat looking and you can also dive into a range of templates to. It's certainly a nice alternative to making your own.

Will you be using this to make your Infinity experience complete?

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