Antenocitis Drive Out All Sorts of Cool Cars

September 17, 2012 by dracs

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It's been a little while since we last took a look at what's been going on over at Antenocitis Workshop and in that time they have come out with a whole load of stylish new vehicles, both 28mm and 15mm. Check these out.

Tata-Dodge Matador AirCar...

Tata-Dodge Matador Aircar

"The Tata-Dodge Matador is the first successful commercial vehicle that utilise A-Grav lift & propulsion. Although not the first A-Grav powered vehicle it is the first to achieve proven commercial success mostly in its intended usage as an Air-Taxi."

28mm Hawker Evora AirCar...

28mm Hawker Evora Air Car

"Like all (A-Grav) Aircars the Hawker Evora is a very ‘substantial’ vehicle due to the significant size and power requirements of its 4 A-grav lift modules. The Evora is nonetheless portrayed as a Sports Car and although its specifications are luxurious its top-end speed and performance are exceptionally poor compared to land-cars."

15mm T-PEA Hunchback APC / MRAP...

15mm Patrol Cars

"The Hunchback is a well-armoured Mine-Resistant Patrol Vehicle capable of carrying up to 8 armed troopers although more commonly found with a single "brick" of four troopers. It is crewed by a single Pilot with heavily automated systems for control of its armaments which generally consists of light-support or close-air-defence systems. A standard T-PEA Section of 8 troopers will typically be split between two Hunchbacks, providing more support firepower and flexibility for the individual bricks. Loss of one vehicles leaves the section capable of squeezing into the secondary vehicle for exfiltration from the combat area."

'Spider' Mobile Turret...

Spider-Tank Mobile Turret

"The T-PEA “Mobile Turret” or “Spider Tank” is a pilotless military drone designed for Urban or Rough-Terrain combat. It is a dedicated heavy-weapons platform that can clamber across pretty much any rough terrain and is heavily armoured and armed to allow it to suppress most enemy vehicles and personnel that it is likely to encounter."

As you can see, this is a rather cool selection of miniatures which would be great for many different sci-fi games. The Spider Tank in particular would make for an excellent TAG in Infinity.

The cars are well sculpted, with the air car being particularly cool. It would be great whether you want to use it as an integral part of a gaming scenario, or just to leave scattered around the streets of a sci-fi city just to make the terrain feel more alive.

Do you guys like these new minis from Antenocitis? What sort of scenarios can you think of to incorporate them in?

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