Bases, Bitz & Upgrades from Dream Pod 9 for Heavy Gear

September 7, 2012 by brennon

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September is bringing a whole raft of different bitz and bobz for Heavy Gear from Dream Pod 9. Check out the new bases on offer which will take your Gears across the world fighting in some very different locations...

25mm Hex Bases

40mm Round Jungle Bases

60mm Round Jungle Bases

40mm Round Techno Bases

Above are a selection of their bases which stretch from the Jungle to the war torn Industrial areas of their game world. All of these bases can be grabbed from the Dream Pod 9 Webstore and they are looking superb. I love having a little bit of character on miniature bases to tell a story.

Armoured Jacket Torsos

There are also a range of Armoured Jacket Torsos. These upgrade your Gears to the new 'ball and socket' standard so everything is compatible. The Hunter, Jaguar, Jager, Black Mamba, Warrior and Warrior IV are currently available.

Fusilier Resin and Metal Parts

Hussar Walker Resin and Metal Parts

Voltigeur Resin and Metal Parts

Dream Pod 9 are also upgrading all their resin kits to resin and metal. Above are the kits for the Hussar, Voltigeur and Fusilier. While I don't have a love of metal parts on miniatures I realise that in some cases they can be better in terms of detail. As long as it isn't a pain to glue it together that's fine with me!

The Heavy Gear Summer Blitz event is also still on, so go check that out too!

Will you be grabbing any of these pieces from Dream Pod 9?

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