Black Library Give Us Visions of Heresy

October 23, 2013 by dracs

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Black Library are bringing us the whole history of the Horus Heresy, along with all the iconic artwork and stories which have shaped the Warhammer 40k background. These are the Visions of Heresy.

Visions of Heresy

Normally I don't like to cover a company which has already appeared in the news flow on the same day, but when this was brought to our attention I had to put it in.

Visions of Heresy Open

Visions of Heresy Art

This new collector's edition from Black Library gathers all this great art, along with the chronologically ordered events of the Heresy, into two leather bound books.

Visions of Heresy Book One

Visions of Heresy Book Two

This is a truly magnificent collector's item, with only 1,250 copies being available from 1st November. It is the ultimate reference guide to the Horus Heresy, complete with the astounding artwork which the background has inspired over the years.

Are any of you big enough fans of the Horus Heresy that you would buy this?

Thanks to deaddave to telling us about this.

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