Blight Wheel Miniatures Tease a New Model

July 4, 2012 by brennon

Blight Wheel Miniatures have been away for a while, but with the recast of their Mantis Tank they have been working away behind the scenes on a new miniature potentially. Check out the teaser image that appeared on the internet this week...

Blight Wheel Miniatures Teaser

An interesting image to say the least. We may have some clues tied to a new blog post that appeared on the Karamazov Brothers...

"At the very beginning of the Pan-Européan Empire's expansion, the greatest Impérial Archeo-Engineer was named Fiodor Karamazov, he was famous for his work on the uncovering of scraps of "Ye Old Technology"."

You can read more on the link above. Let's hope this miniature is as good as the others they have produced.

What's your thoughts on the teaser?

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