Breaking News from Statuesque Miniatures!

June 24, 2013 by dracs

Why aren't their more miniatures of journalists? We are, after all, exciting, tenacious searchers for truth (or new miniature releases, both are awesome). Well Statuesque Miniatures have rectified this with their new miniature of Reporter Tallulah Caine and her trusty camera man.

Statuesque - Tallulah Caine and Carter

These previews show off a sculpt which looks like it stepped from the pages of a comic book, or the out of the screen of a big block buster film, or any of the other various places feisty female reporters in short coats seem to come from. Not to mention the fact that Statuesque Miniatures are one of those companies who are apparently able to sculpt an attractive women without giving them breasts like beach balls.

Statuesque - Tallulah Caine

Statuesque - Tallulah Caine Back

Statuesque - Cameraman Carter

These miniatures might make good additions to both modern wargames and pulp sci-fi games. The inclusion of civilians, particularly ones like these who might be determined to stay in a position of danger in order to get a better story, allows for interesting new objectives for the game. Possibly you could task a unit of soldiers with protecting them in the middle of what has now become a warzone, or have them be rescued by what superhero / ninja turtle you happen to have painted up recently.

What are your thoughts on Statuesque's big scoop?

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