The Brog Empire Takes Over in 15mm Scale Sci-Fi

October 17, 2012 by brennon

If you're a fan of 15mm Sci-Fi then maybe this collection from Rebel Minis will be of interest to you. They have recently released a set for the Brog Empire. Check out this alien military force below...

15mm Brog Empire Infantry

You get twenty one Brog in the box and there's also a dead one too! After all it's always nice to find casualties in your collection for those dramatic deaths. Over all the Brog miniatures are looking pretty good, with nice weapon detail and a good paint scheme bringing them to life. It doesn't look like it's one that will be hard to replicate either with your own army.

It's always interesting to see wargaming alien races, and even more so in 15mm.

Is 15mm Sci-Fi, or indeed the Brog Empire for you?

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