Cool Mini Or Not Show the Correct Apparel for Piloting Mechs

July 24, 2012 by dracs

Cool Mini or Not have released a new manga themed mecha miniature for all of you Otaku's out there. Although it does have a few features which may appeal to even none anime fans.

Cool Mini Or Not - Manga Boy Z Exoskeleton

Cool Mini Or Not - Manga Boy Z Exoskeleton concept

This miniature is for the new Manga BoyZ game and setting, described on their site as "resulting from the French passion for manga in recent years, Manga BoyZ is both a book and a game." A game in which scantily clad anime characters take on an alien invasion!

OK the miniature itself is actually a rather nice sculpt which I could definitely see serving as a TAG in Infinity. But why, oh why, is she naked? Is this something essential to piloting mechs? Does clothing interfere with the controls? So she puts on a bra and the whole thing collapses with maybe a message reading "You appear to be clothed, do you need some help?" If being naked is an essential part of piloting a mech Gundam Wing would have been one hell of a different show (and with that one sentence I have scarred Justin for life).

What's is your reaction to this miniature? Do you like the sculpt? Are you intrigued by the back story? Or are you wondering just how cold it would be in that metal contraption?

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