Creepy Sleepy Hollow Heads Ready to Go from Puppets War

April 23, 2012 by brennon

Puppets War have finally got their Sleepy Hollow Heads out on sale through their website. You can check out some more snaps of their creepy heads below...

Sleepy Hollow Heads #1

Sleepy Hollow Heads #2

Could you potentially work these into a Necron force? Could give a very different feeling to the slumbering machines to have these horror filled heads. They might even work on a Chaos Marine force adding a level of the macabre to proceedings.

Sci-Fi Egyptian Shoulder Pads

As well as the heads Puppets War showed off some new Sci-Fi Egyptian shoulder pads that are coming in the future. They are pretty massive and potentially for fitting onto a certain set of Marines from Space?

Have you picked up the creepy heads yet?

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