Cyborgs Lie Rest In Laser Cut Card’s Statis Tomb

January 15, 2014 by dracs

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Even evil alien cyborgs need somewhere to rest in peace when they aren't marching forth as an undying army, so Laser Cut Card have made a new MDF Statis Tomb.

Cyborg Statis Tomb

This new laser cut terrain set comes in a number of components which can be arranged in a variety of ways, meaning you can lay out your cyborg fortress as you want it.

Cyborg Status Tomb Components

Cyborg Statis TombThe design is obviously in line with the Necrons of Warhammer 40k meaning it is the perfect way of building up a world of those sinister robots of death on your tabletop.

Cyborg Statis Tomb Monolith

Cyborg Statis Tomb Unpainted

Still, I want to know where is that Megalith we all want?

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