Dark Art Miniatures Venture Into 3D Printing With Epic Heresy

July 19, 2022 by avernos

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Dark Art Miniatures have in the past made a variety of resin pieces for your table top games. From 15mm markers and terrain for WWII gaming, to 28mm bases and terrain with a chaotic feel for Grim Dark gaming, even a host of pieces for playing Malice the roleplaying game. This time though they have swapped to 8mm and 3D printing with a dark host of Epic Heresy for your Titan-based games.

Epic Heresy // Dark Art Miniatures

The first digital offering from Dark Art Miniatures is a mix of terrain and basing scaled to 8mm for use in Epic 40K and Adeptus Titanicus. However, they would work equally well for other games and with some resizing. there is enough detail in the sculpts to fill larger scales as well. Due to the fine detail of these pieces, the majority of these files are most suitable for resin printing.  All files will be test printed (many already have) and will also come with a Pre-supported option professionally added by Tableflip Foundry.

Stairs & Walkway Set // Dark Art Miniatures

The main feature for me is the Bastion and Walls. This monumental set of files allows you to build something akin to the Emperor's Palace on Terra. If you fancy a massive assault on the final fortress of humanity then the way to go big is to go very very small and this lets you do just that.

The files let you build modular sections including destroyed sections so you can swap out breaches during your games or start with a focal point for the enemy to attempt to exploit.

As you can see from the close up there is plenty of detail from the stonework through to the massive pillars and statuary that adore the pieces, while at the same time being restrained enough that printing and painting these at 8mm won't send you reaching for a magnifying glass and two paracetamol.

Oval Base with Topper // Epic Heresy

Apart from the grandiose terrain there is also a wealth of basing available for your titans to adorn the bases and set them apart from your opponent's army. As you can see they follow the theme of the ruined set that your force is fighting through and have both extravagant bases and some more restrained so not every giant stompy robot will look like they're fighting over a destroyed pillar.

There are even a set of display plinths like the one below that let you showcase your miniatures for all to see with an inset base. So when they're not fighting it out on the tabletop they don't have to be relegated to the depths of a carry case and can instead be proudly displayed for all to see. (Unless you lost in which case into the box!)

Display Plinth // Dark Art Miniatures

With bases from epic infantry through to 120mm the range will already allow you to base your entire force in a consistent theme, and they've been knocking through stretch goals like they're going out of fashion. Pillars, Gateways, and Mech Bays have all been unlocked already and there are more waiting in the final week of the campaign. There's even a cheeky choir to unlock via social media and it only needs 3 more people to share it for its unlock!

Statue Unlocks

If you're interested in your 3D printing and sci-fi wargaming then this is definitely one to check out. The buy-in is low and there is even a merchant pledge which means those of us who don't have access to 3D printers should be able to get our hands on the stuff after the campaign ends!

This is an amazing-looking collection for fans of epic, the basing alone has got to be worth the price of admission but that set of walls will look jaw-droppingly magnificent on any epic tabletop. I wouldn't be surprised to see them resized for games of Heresy or 40K either, there is certainly a wealth of detail to make them equally valid for that.

Will you be getting Epic with your gaming?

"I wouldn't be surprised to see them resized for games of Heresy or 40K either, there is certainly a wealth of detail to make them equally valid for that. "

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