Dark Art Studios Get Torturous & Knightly

July 3, 2012 by brennon

Dark Art Studios have featured here before with their Ogre model. Well, they are back with a distinctly darker and grim feeling in their new model and accessories. Check out the Cranium Knight as well as the other releases for July below...

Cranium Knight Painted

Cranium Knight Unpainted

Above then is the Cranium Knight both painted and un-painted. Could he be a good hero figure for you're armies or simply a piece of dungeon terrain?

40mm Skull Bases

Dungeon Scenery Rack & Iron Maiden

There is also a range of skull bases in 40mm for you to use on your warriors of the far future or fantasy. Then, even more fantasy furniture, albeit for the more deadly gentleman. Would add a certain air of the creepy to any dungeon your planning.

Renegade Warrior

And then there's this fellow. The Renegade Warrior is a preview of what's to come. Potentially something for Fantasy allowing him to be a good hero choice. Although depending on how you paint the armour, as he is he would make a good fighter for role-playing games.

What's your thoughts on the current range from Dark Art Studios?

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