Demons Burst Forth from the Ether with Fractured Dimension

October 9, 2012 by brennon

Fractured Dimension has caused a break in reality and the Demons are taking advantage of it! Check out the final stages of their Type III Demon; Glabrezu below in all his deadly glory...

Type III Demon

Here you can see it up against a typical 28mm miniature for scale comparison. I'm liking the extra arms and the strange pincer like weapons molded into its flesh. It would be good to see some more options for those hands though, maybe a sword in one of the raised hands.

The face is where a lot of the detail is though. A cool snarling maw that could earn him the name 'Devil Dog'. He's a fairly big model so it would be interesting to see what people use him for in their wargaming.

What do you think of this Type III Demon?

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